Exhibiting Artist: Ian Brennan

Award winning artist, Ian Brennan, has exhibited at 3 biennales in 3 years winning an award at the 2021 London Art Biennale.

Brennan shot to fame in 2022 for painting Vogue’s resident DJ, DJ Fat Tony and was subsequently selected to interview for Tracey Emin’s Art Residency in Margate by Emin herself.

Brennan’s work captures the shadow side of the human condition, often depicting parts of the psyche that are considered taboo.

Having trained as a psychotherapist he brings the depth of the human condition into his work, sittings with his subjects go beyond the surface.

“I don’t just paint the human body, I paint human feelings covered in flesh”

Brennan’s portrait of Lucian Freud’s muse, Sue Tilley comes with a unique story.

Freud’s paintings of Tilley collectively sold for over £100 million, for which Tilley did not receive a single penny. Tilley once said (in haste) that she would never sit nude again unless she was paid £1 million.

Brennan will gift the one million pounds to Tilley for one last intimate nude sitting of Tilley to ever be available to the art world.

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