Exhibiting Gallery: Eclectic Gallery

The Eclectic Gallery is a space located in central London, which specialises in contemporary art, while paying close attention to showcasing diversity of the current artistic scene.

Eclectic Gallery’s ethos is to visually amplify voices of talented artists by displaying and collecting a contrasting body of works and making them accessible to wider audiences.  The name ‘eclectic’ reflects the dominant philosophy of the space, namely acquainting its visitors with a plethora of artistic styles and traditions made by artists of various nationalities from all around the globe.

Each artist has a story which they aspire to express though the realm of the visual. The viewers are invited to discover the hidden meanings of each piece while also adding their own experiences and sentiments to the canvas, bronze, or steel in front of them. The gallery encourages an active approach to the consumption of art. Not only is one asked to look, but most importantly to feel and think - to perceive the pieces with one’s inner eye.

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