Exhibiting Artist: CoArtistas

Roberto Lombana, (born 1977) lives and works in Bogota, Colombia. Lombana’s photographic work is executed with a creative use of fisheye lenses, exploring urban and natural landscapes, developing a unique visual language.

For StART Art Fair 2022, Lombana will showcase a series of photographs intertwined with oil painting from the series “Non-Places”.

“Non-Places” are transit spaces that tell a story through an assumed “universal” aesthetic. The empty subway cars and stations are intriguing for this “unnatural” state; this contradiction awakens a strange sensation of tranquillity and a lapse to observe life itself contained in time. Both functional and durable design aesthetic responds to a particular culture and is intended to subjectively communicate the values of a society.

Alongside Lombana will also be exhibiting selected works by three female Colombian artists Veronica Matiz, who explores the volume and movement of the shapes in nature and geometry through stainless steel sculptures, Ana Elisa Fernández with oil paintings that reflect part of an imaginary universe through fabrics and Mariana Gómez exposing bodies, rituals, customs, stories, fears and struggles of the female gender through drawing and embroidery.

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