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START 2020 Art Fair at Saatchi Gallery, London

21-25 October 2020

21-25 October 2020

START Art Fair is a global gathering of artists taking place at Saatchi Gallery this October. 

The contemporary art fair will go ahead in London next month with full consideration given to the safety of exhibitors and visitors alike. To allow social distancing there will be three timed sessions daily.  Read more about our Covid-19 adaptations here.

In addition to START Art Fair, Korean Eye’s 2020 exhibition Creativity and Daydream will travel from The State Hermitage in St Petersburg after a six-month stay. The show will feature a wealth of emerging and established talent from South Korea. 

The art fair showcases local London galleries as well as international galleries and individual contemporary artists from all over the world. Collectors, enthusiasts and critics attend START, housed in the iconic Saatchi Gallery to buy the best contemporary art and to discover emerging contemporary artists. To complement the exhibitors START presents a series of must-see curated Projects and a calendar of daily special events.

Leading contemporary artists appearing at START 2020 will include Lincoln Townley  Erika Navas and Nat Bowen while our top galleries include Art HoundChris Beetles and Thomas Spencer Fine Art.

Learn more about START and take a 360° tour around START 2019 here


our latest EXHIBITORS

Featuring artists and galleries from Europe, North America and Asia


Nat Bowen - Blue Light
Nat Bowen - Lux
Nat Bowen - Bloom

2020 Projects

Nat Bowen

Nat Bowen uses the study of Chromology, the psychology behind colour, as a way to communicate nonverbally.

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The gallery booths at START are complimented by a series of curated projects that draw further focus on emerging artists and new art scenes.

START Projects reflect the fair’s global agenda and reputation of combining credible and critically acclaimed exhibitions alongside compelling gallery showcases.

The aim is to offer the START audience an alternative, engaging art fair experience that also provides artists with a dynamic global platform which generates stimulating dialogues with other artists, art-world figures, collectors and influencers.

START 2020’s projects include works by three British artists; Lincoln Townley, Nat Bowen and Lucy Morrish. 

Lucy Morrish - Joseph and Aseneth
Lucy Morrish - King Solomon and the Queen of Shiba
Lucy Morrish - Our Lady of Vladmir
Lucy Morrish - Bombus & Apis Mellifera

2020 Projects

Lucy Morrish

Lucy Morrish specialises in the mediums of illumination, iconography, and miniature painting. She's the winner of the 2019 Ciclitira Prize at The Princes' Foundation School of Traditional Arts.

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The gallery booths at START are complimented by a series of curated projects that draw further focus on emerging artists and new art scenes.

Nat Bowen 1
Nat Bowen 2
Lucy Morrish 1
Lucy Morrish 2

START 2020


START 2020’s projects include works by two young British artists, Nat Bowen and Lucy Morrish.


START 2020 Global Eye Programme

START 2020


The Global Eye Programme aims to develop and support artists in emerging Asian territories.

START 2020 previous exhibitors

START 2020


This year marks the 7th edition of the START ART FAIR. Click below to see our exhibitors from previous years.

START 2020 meet our partners

START 2020


START Art Fair is proud to be associated with our Partners and Sponsors.



START Art Fair is delighted to be working with these partners and sponsors in 2020.

Partners & Sponsors

Talks and Events

After the success of the inaugural Art World Forum symposium at START 2018 we expanded the 2019 programme to include a half day conference as well as additional talks and Collectors Club events.

Collectors Club

The Collectors’ Club’s aim is to foster START’s mission to support emerging artists by discovering and presenting ‘tomorrow’s art today’, bringing together diverse but like minded individuals, collectors, artists and forward thinking art organisations and businesses, innovators and pioneers.

The Collectors Club hosts dinners, lunches and studio visits internationally.

Art World Forum meeting large

Global Eye Programme

The Global Eye Programme aims to develop and support artists in emerging Asian territories.

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Past Editions

View exhibitors from earlier editions of START Art Fair

Start Here

Our partners and sponsors for START 2020

Partners and Sponsors

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Saatchi Gallery London,
21-25 October 2020

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