My work shapes images in memory using erasers (in clay form and when heated, physical properties change to erasers). This material is the same material that I used to play with as a child more than 30 years ago, and the fact that the view of the material was slightly different based on such experience is the beginning of my current work.

The eraser itself is a symbol of existence and oblivion, and it means more than material to me to deal with the area of memory that may soon be erased or left behind with these materials. In addition, the physical property of rubber clay before heating itself is suitable for capturing childhood memories. The way children make them as if they were playing with rubber clay also wanted to convey the message that art is not difficult and exists everywhere in our lives by producing works without using expert materials. In addition, I want to stimulate the importance of 'memory', which is what the audience now constitutes, and nostalgia for it.

Presale for StART