Exhibiting Artist: Nancy LANG

Nancy Lang (b.1976), attended Hongik University, Seoul graduating with a bachelor's degree in painting (2000)

In 2001 she embarked on her Master and had her first solo show "Fly me to the paradise" (Dukwon Gallery, Seoul, 2001).  Lang is a versatile artist recognised and respected in the worlds of art and entertainment alike.

Over the past two decades Lang has continued developing her practice and has collaborated with a plethora of global brands, companies, institutions and disciplines. Including Ingres at the Louvre Paris (2009), the music group Linkin Park (2003), and the fashion brand Louis Vuitton (2005) to name a few.

As an artist and performer Lang has always relished new challenges and disciplines. Her passion, drive and contagious effervescent spirit continue to allow her to collaborate and create globally.

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