Exhibiting Artist: Fara Thomas

Fara Thomas, is an Iranian American artist whose work is concerned with colour, texture, and reflection, she invites the viewer to explore beauty and to challenge boundaries.

Thomas’ first point of impact is her use of colour as a form of energy which stimulates our perceptual processes and is vital in conveying emotions. Depth, texture, and reflective surfaces are the subtleties which are experienced upon further observation.

Handmade pigmented resin is layered on wood panels and is then manipulated to build layers of colour and space. The smooth reflective surfaces and the translucent colour layers of her paintings invite viewers to travel constantly through the image from one imaginary space to another. The successive translucent layers open a third dimension that enables viewers to see deeper into the painting, which seems imaginary at first glance.

Thomas’ works tempt us to slow down and consider. They also speak of places undiscovered, but at the same time comforting and familiar, sparking our memories of a place we feel we have been before but cannot quite recall the details.

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