Exhibiting Artist: Yunguk JO

Yunguk JO (born 1985) captures the sense of loss he has experienced in his life. In his artworks, he aims to commemorate the aspects of human existence that are lost, rather than glorifying eternal aspects. Through the shared emotion of loss, he addresses universal issues of contemporary society, utilising a unique artistic approach that blends abstraction and representation.

His creative journey is enriched by his experiences, including residencies in contrasting cities like New York, USA (2015) and Shanghai, China (2018). His achievement of winning the Grand Prize at the <2016 Asian Contemporary Art Artist Contest> and his participation in the <Pyeongchang Biennale 2017> with his work ‘Lost Island,’ which portrays the isolation of individuals, stand out.

Yunguk JO’s artistic trajectory began with his debut solo exhibition “For The Extra” in Seoul (2011), and his exposure to exhibitions and accolades in galleries and art museums across major global cities continues to fuel his artistic endeavours.

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