Exhibiting Artist: Svetlana Fabrikant

Svetlana Fabrikant aka LANA KANT was born in Odessa, in the then Soviet Union, she arrived in Italy in 1989 in the wake of Gorbachev’s Glasnost and Perestrojka, to cultivate her passion for art.

Through her artwork Svetlana aims to interpret the history of art itself, crossing lyrical abstractionism, NeoPopArt and digital art, in a fresh and joyful key with intense and vibrant colours.

Influenced by Andy Warhol, Yves Klein, Marc Chagall, Antonio Canova she explores painting on glass and polycarbonate transfering her digital art to unconventional supports, creating “pragmatic” furniture-sculptures in iron inspired by the Bauhaus, with the use of new metalworking technologies.

 Svetlana have participated in numerous solo and group exhibitions in Europe and the USA. Awards: “Michelangelo” in Florence, “World Best Artists Prize” in Palermo and “Oscar of Creativity” in Monte Carlo.

Today she is an established artist, naturalized in Italy, living and working on the French Riviera.

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