Exhibiting Artist: Shafina Jaffer

Shafina Jaffer, is an African artist who has completed her Graduate Diploma in Art & Design and Masters in Painting from the Royal College of Art. Her works have been featured in international exhibitions. Her painting, “Take Me Away”, was selected to be shown at the 2023 Coronation Concert.

Shafina Jaffer uses her art to express her sensitivity towards nature and spirituality. She is also an automatist painter, often painting her dreams and visions. These themes are often the ones articulated in her work where she aims to intermingle scientific, philosophical and nature themes with the spiritual.

She fosters an appreciation of spiritual art through thematic expressions that are a blend of scientific, philosophical or naturalistic reason. Her main focus is on primary using natural materials in her practice in order to bring awareness to the beauty found in nature and to enact positive changes in human behaviour affecting climate change.

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