Exhibiting Gallery: Select Gallery

Exhibiting Artists: Sarah Fosse (UK), Holly English (UK), Jayson Lilley (UK)

Set in the heart of Notting Hill, steps away from the buzz of Portobello Market, Select Gallery offers a range of multi-media contemporary artwork reflective of this vibrant West London borough.

Sarah Fosse captures iconic vistas with her signature ’wobble’ and bold, vibrant palette. The colour represents the spirit, soul of city life, the wobble the continuous movement and energy of the city.

Holly English in her ongoing egg project utilises the very loaded symbol of an egg, transforming it into a fun, decorative object which acts almost as a blank emoji, punctuating the space around it and adding a gratifying pop of colour. The results are unique ceramic wall sculptures.

Jayson Lilley works at the forefront of printmaking practices. He has attracted much attention with his fabulously original and playful ‘Pound’ and ‘Dollar’ series appropriating original bank notes as his canvas and stylising them with iconic structures from the metropolis.

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