Exhibiting Gallery: São Rafael Galleries

Exhibiting Artists: Ashima Kumar (India/UK), Maria Imperatore (Sweden/UK), Jamal Masarwa (Palestine/UK), Catarina Diaz (Angola/UK), Raquel Gralheiro (Portugal), Cec.lia Acevedo (Chile), S.nia Travassos (Portugal)

Founded by the twin sisters and businesswomen Mónica Kahlo and Sílvia Raposo, the São Rafael Galleries (Galerias São Rafael) are the first Portuguese luxury gallery developed from an immersive, eclectic and philanthropic intermedia and inter-art digital concept.

Combining the interactivity and immersive-ness of museological experiences with the way art is commercialised, the São Rafael Galleries raise the standard of the exhibition experience by creating immersive experiences in virtual reality and augmented reality from exclusive artworks by national and international artists. The gallery is known for holding events in mixed reality (physical exhibition together with virtual reality) in the scope of the Artbox VR project.

For StART 2023 São Rafael Galleries will exhibit the renowned analogue collage of mixed media and oil sticks by Catarina Diaz, the fusion work of doodle art, traditional indian art and modern technology by Ashima Kumar including an exclusive edition that features Swarovski crytal and diamond dust by Jamal Masarwa, the neo-expressionist canvas’ by Sónia Travassos, the pop art inspired acrylic on canvas collages by Raquel Gralheiro, crochet-painting hand-dyed with natural pigments by Cecília Acevedo, the mixed style of Collage, Acrylic and Graffiti by Maria Imperatore and artwear by the designer Empório Aragão.

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