Exhibiting Artist: Olivier Mourao

A painter, sculptor, and creative spirit at large based in London and Ibiza, Mourão is a time traveller between eras. He is also a passionate host and collector of art and Pharaonic artifacts.

Mourão has been a professional artist since the early 1960s. Today, his art is characterised by an eclectic and profound style that he himself calls 'simplistic maximalism.'

In his six-decades, he has explored individual expressiveness and lustful hedonism through different materials and media. His paintings are created with closed eyes in a distinctive process. First, he draws an image straight from the tube of paint onto canvas, and then he paints it on cardboard or combines it with collages of handmade paper. Spontaneity and simplicity play a key role. His visual language tells stories about escapism, infantile excitement, and immeasurable admiration, embodying an uncompromising attitude toward ancient and contemporary art.

Mourão's works have been featured in more than 700 publications, and 87 exhibitions worldwide.

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