Exhibiting Artist: Natalia Kapchuk

Natalia Kapchuk is a London-based Contemporary Artist internationally recognised for her environmentally centered series ‘The Lost Planet’.

Natalia Kapchuk’s mixed-media artworks tap into the unbridled beauty of our planet juxtaposed with the destructive forces of human activity and the impacts they have on these majestic lands and oceans.

Adorned with natural elements and the innovations of the 21st century, the artist constructs her art pieces with the intention of highlighting the ongoing war between man and nature, often painting opposing scenes of wonder with the harsh realities of today.

Natalia Kapchuk completed additional courses at Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2017, followed by The Chelsea College of Arts in London, UK. She is an ambassador at The Parliamentary Society of Arts, Fashion, and Sports (UK), an ambassador for the Better World Fund (BWF), and a philanthropist supporting charities and organizations dedicated to humanitarian and environmental causes.

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