Exhibiting Artist: Lidia Vives

Lidia Vives, (b.1991,Spain), is a photographer and visual artist based in Barcelona. Her work has been featured in renowned publications including Esquire and Vogue Italia and has exhibited in galleries, fairs, and museums worldwide, including the Louvre in Paris. She notably collaborated with the Spanish band Love of Lesbian.

Since her first exhibition (2013), Lidia has travelled extensively, showcasing her work and earning several international accolades. Among her notable achievements are gold medals in the Trierenberg Super Circuit (2018), the Fine Art Photographer of the Year award at the Monochrome Awards (2021), and the Professional Photographer of the Year (2021) at the MUSE Photography Awards.

Inspired by Italian Renaissance and Baroque artists as well as her contemporaries, Lidia's work is characterised by vibrant colour and a painterly atmosphere that delves into current issues. She occasionally incorporates self-portraits into her personal projects, and her photographs are known for containing hidden Easter eggs, inviting viewers to delve deeper and uncover their secrets.

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