Exhibiting Gallery: Kei London

Exhibiting Artists: Dangerosa (UK), Andrew Gow (UK), Fara Thomas (USA), Prasad Beaven (UK)

Kei London Fine Art Agency, devoted to amplifying innovative artistic voices, is thrilled to present works by four outstanding artists at the 10th Edition of StART Art Fair.

Dangerosa, a British contemporary artist, combines the aesthetics of surrealism and photorealism into a mesmerising artistic narrative of the human condition, coloured by her rich multicultural heritage and an array of cultural influences.

Andrew Gow, a celebrated portrait artist, employs elements of classical mythology and religious narrative reimagined through a lens of contemporary social critique. His works offer a tongue-in-cheek yet earnest commentary on societal interactions and the environment.

Fara Thomas, invites viewers to a sensory exploration of colour, texture, and reflection, challenging perceptions of beauty and boundaries.

Prasad Beaven, guided by the tranquillity of nature and inner peace, translates his experience of the sublime Himalayas into evocative Chinese ink landscapes that straddle the realms of abstraction and realism.

Each of these unique artistic voices contributes to the rich tapestry of the Kei London Fine Art Agency's global stage.

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