Exhibiting Artist: Hamza Fiaz

Hamza Fiaz is a realism pencil drawing artist from the United Kingdom. As an artist his medium of choice is graphite, which he uses to create striking hyper realistic artworks with honest photorealism in mind.

Originally, enticed  towards the medium of graphite, aside from the ability to create dramatic hyper realistic drawings, was the ability to create very powerful dark images. Hamza’s main objective is to create pieces of artwork that showcase the richness and depths of emotion in  human life, covering a wide spectrum of emotion based themes such as hope, suffering, isolation and empathy. His  aim is  to cover themes depicting deep human emotions, believing that these topics give the viewer a sense of familiarity bringing out deep thoughtful moments and a chance to reflect on their own lives as well as the lives of others.

The use of striking lighting combined with the photographic edge of the figures is a necessity and pushes him to bring out the best of his abilities while portraying an element of mysteriousness. With the dramatic angles in each artwork and the person modelling the reference images being unknown, the work not only shows an insight into the artist’s personal creative mind and vision, but more importantly gives the viewer an opportunity to reflect on their own lives if they feel they resonate with the work.

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