Exhibiting Artist: Wendy Parker-Forsyth

Wendy Parker-Forsyth was born in Namibia 1960.

She is a self-taught contemporary portrait artist. From an early age she explored crafts, photography and studied art during her primary education. She has attended many art workshop and classes throughout her life.

Living in Namibia was the first magic for me. The country has a patchwork of ethnic groups including the beautiful Himba tribe. I had never seen a people so mysterious and without a doubt they are my strongest inspiration into portraiture. “My first portrait sold was of a Himba male

Her art is a mixed media of acrylic, charcoal and collage. It is bold, vibrant and contrasting work breaking form with unusual colour but then adding boxes and triangles just so you don’t get too comfortable with the looseness of her work.

Wendy has successfully sold several portrait paintings from local exhibitions such as the Namaqualand Art Fair which attracts people from all over the world. It opens during the magnificent west coast flower season. She has also sold at the First Thursday Art event in Cape Town. She currently has 3 paintings in a Singapore Gallery. Wendy has created 3 commissions for South African homeowners.

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