Exhibiting Artist: Sisley-L

Artist Sisley-L, has built her own world of art on a global stage, she continues to conduct various activities that will lead the change beyond the level of art.

Since 2006 Sisley-L has presented a variety of works including oil painting, acrylic, watercolour, drawing, sculpture, and digital. Constantly researching new ways of expression such as NFT and metaverse that fit current trends, Sisley-L conducts various projects.

Sisley-L’s signature series “ BEE”, (introduced in 2015), depicting the process of constantly thinking and talking about human-like bees, has received worldwide recognition. In this exhibition “Generation Portrait”, The Queen series was created to commemorate the 70th anniversary of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II’s succession to the throne. It is a work that respects The Queen’s commitment to her country, its people and the beauty of her essence. The Generation Portrait series captivates celebrities and influencers around the world, and expresses their inner and intrinsic values in her work.

Sisley-L continues to attract worldwide attention as a new driving force in the international art market.

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