Exhibiting Artist: Semi Lubisi

Semi Lubisi is a Johannesburg based self-taught artist from Tembisa township. Lubisi’s practice explores the exuberance and vitality of township culture, which reflects the deep connection the artist has with his neighbourhood.

He draws inspiration from the day to day lives of ordinary people in the township and makes use of charcoal, watercolours & acrylics on paper to relate stories and experiences of township lives.

His style is characterised by firm charcoal strokes with soft shades combined with bright colours that bring an element of vibrancy, yet simple clarity. These works raise awareness around the social issues affecting communities within the townships, and invites the viewer to experience these feelings.

His subjects are predominantly children, be it imaginary or from Lubisi’s photographs. Children are the beginning of creation, they are a symbol of innocence, freedom, love and they are nothing but pure souls.

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