Exhibiting Gallery: Rare Interior Art

Amber-Jane Raab has been working in design since 1995, first as a graphic designer, and later as the director of a design consultancy. Since 2002 Raab has followed her passion and created an ‘affordable art’ business, which now boasts two galleries.

For StART Art Fair 2022, Raab presents a selection of works, including her iconic London based work, new animal pieces and framed mosaics.

Australian born Raab is a mixed media artist based in London, who spent several years travelling, and finding inspiration for her future work.

Raab’s expressive personality and love for colour and texture is reflected in her bold, striking pieces that cross over her print design with mixed media to entice the viewer. Combinations of her photography within strong digital collage design, and overlays with raised paints, resin, fabrics, and spray paints among other materials to create, create eye-catching layered original pieces.

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