Exhibiting Gallery: Premium Pages Collective

Premium Pages is proud to present Andrew Swarbrick and Thanapon Dathumma at START Art fair 2022.

Andrew Swarbrick based in North Canterbury has been working with oils for more than 13 years. His work is an exploration of mental and existential states, conveying mood and story with the striking images of his imagination. His heavy use of symbolism in the surreal worlds he creates only adds to the layers of these multifaceted works. Ranging from the fun, playful and mundane, which can be enjoyed as merely striking images, to the deeper layered visions to be explored as deep oceans of existentialism, spirituality and humanism. 

In a space just outside but adjacent to the booth we are exhibiting Thai artist Thanapon Dathumma, who graduated from Thailand’s most prestigious art university; Silpakorn.

The artist employs diverse techniques, including painting, weaving, fabric mounting and braiding, to achieve a pluralistic spectacle with a most earnest attitude. 

As a transgender artist, Thanapon is passionate about the trials and tribulations of the LGBTQ community, and feels that efforts made to transcribe them can never be enough. However, her art will certainly resonate with anyone who empathises with struggles within the boundaries of human cognition.

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