Exhibiting Gallery: Mah-London Gallery

Mah London Gallery is run and hosted by Daniele Mah. 

The gallery is based in Hampstead, London and St Tropez, France and hosts exclusive events and partnerships with luxury brands, private events and selected international art fairs.

For START 2022, Daniele Mah will present her own work alongside the work of her husband, British/German artist Philipp Humm.

Mah’s latest collection titled ONE, O is a circle and cycle, often associated and symbolising the female and life cycle. It has no end or beginning. It is a figurative study celebrating the female form. 

Inspired by the past, present and future, Mah’s works pay homage to images and ideals that have left a footprint in her mind, from a fashion poster in her teens to todays society and our addiction and desire for perfection.

For StART 2022 Humm presents his POP EXPRESSIONS series. In this collection he has skilfully woven elements of pop culture, societal icons and political messaging. Viewers will discover Humm’s homage to Brigitte Bardot, a pioneer in liberating women and sexuality, his vision of the meta verse and his critique of societies naive belief in arms races.

Presale for StART