Exhibiting Artist: In Goo Kang

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, I have enjoyed my own trip around the world through Google Earth. My primary travel destinations are cities in each country of the continents. Google Earth shows me the earth in plane.

I at times have the delusion that the earth is a plane, providing myself with freedom. I realize cities and buildings have some common patterns when tirelessly traveling all over the world. These sometimes feel like ancient hieroglyphics or symbols in a word processing software’s symbol table. My works demonstrate urban buildings couched in human language. We can envisage what the earth we reside on talks about.

A stone, the material of my work plays the role of a balancer in parking lots, yards, the bottom of a ship, or the role of supporting a building’s weight in concrete. Such stones (or rocks) were perhaps initially the boulders to maintain the earth under the ground. The stones shattered into pieces for use by humans are connected with metal and textualized in human language forms.

I am not involved in the content of any text. I have only referred to many kinds of books and newspapers for my work’s form. My works can be imagined or judged from each person’s perspective. I hope you are able to hilariously imagine what the earth tells us through my work.

As a certain distance between stones and the wall is kept, the stones seem to be in a space. This is like stones overcoming gravity. An overlap of shadows makes it difficult to focus our eyes on the object, and the characters bring about an optical illusion and appear as if they are moving.

Presale for StART