Exhibiting Artist: Fara Thomas

Fara Thomas an Iranian American resin artist whose work is described by two features: reflection and transparency. 

The smooth reflecting surfaces, and the depth of the colour transparency in her paintings invites the view’s eyes to constantly travel through the image, moving from one imaginary space to the other. The shiny surfaces of the artwork contain the view, deflecting it into the picture’s environment; while the transparency of the multiple colour layers directs the viewer’s eye into the picture, opening up a depth dimension that at first glance seems to be imaginary.

Her large-scale abstracted pieces are characterised by layers of bold colourful resin, creating an infinite depth bringing the foreground and background seamlessly together. Thomas’ works forces us to slow down our perceptual behaviour, which is trained to grasp facts quickly in our everyday life.

Her work speaks of places undiscovered, but at the same time comforting and familiar, sparking our memories of a place we feel we have been before but can't quite recall the details.

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