Exhibiting Gallery: Design House Korea

As president and CEO of Design House Inc, with more than 40 years of experience, Younghye Lee is widely regarded as the most influential publisher in Korea. Miss Lee is the chairperson of the patronage committee of the Seoul Museum of Art.

Throughout her career, she has mentored many designers and artists in various fields. With an outstanding contribution to the Korean design industry, she became the first woman inducted into the Korea Design Hall of Fame (2020).

Designer Jihoo Ha (b.1972) studied at the Department of Wooden Furniture, Hongik University and Denmark Design School. In 2005/2009 he was selected as a next generation design leader receiving the Young artist of the year award (2009), becoming Sulwha Cultural Exhibition Art Director (2013), Oening exhibition planner (2018) Incheon International Airport, traditional culture centre. Ha won craft of the year award (2020) and is the Associate Professor, Department of Living Design, Kaywon University of the Arts, Korea.

Studio Shinyoo is a design studio based in Seoul pursuing ‘Essence’ of design. While studying interior design, Shin searched the origin of all image sources using them to make a design proposals and concept image collages. Almost all images were sourced from Scandinavian countries. Surprisingly, the images were found via realtors leading Shin to consider the usual quality of life in Scandinavia.

Superposition, an art furniture design group comprising of designers Seo Jeong-un and Kim Jong-min and business manager Seo Seon-kwang. The company were named Young Ambassador at the 2021 Seoul Design Fair. Superposition uses “unusual” materials such as stainless steel, acrylic and ceramics and combines them with traditional shapes. Its works are based on designs with simple and pure lines inspired by the past and tradition but interpreting them in a modern way.

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