Exhibiting Artists: Remi Rough (UK), Matthew Small (UK), Tim Bret-Day (UK), Tim Fowler (UK)

Set in the heart of Acton's Poets Corner, JG Contemporary works with urban and contemporary artists across multidisciplinary mediums. Founded by Jewel Goodby, the gallery has a long history of exhibiting in popup locations across London before opening its permanent location in West London in 2019. JG Contemporary is actively involved in curating street art in her local neighbourhood. For its debut at the START 2021, JG Contemporary presents brand new artworks from four artists: Matt Small, Remi Rough, Tim Bret-Day and Tim Fowler.

A key exponent of the ‘abstract graffiti’ movement in the 1990s, South Londoner Remi Rough began his career in the 80s on the walls of the city, creating large scale murals which soon developed into modernism-meets-graffiti-art. As he continually attempts to push the boundaries of colour, space and shape, it comes as no surprise that he has been invited to exhibit in this year’s Royal Academy's Summer Exhibition by Humphrey Ocean RA.

Matthew Small

Concerned with how the institutional British social system leaves no room for those on the periphery of society, Matt Small's portraits remind viewers of the importance of humanity. Small's raw works have won the Villiers David Art Prize and been nominated for the BP Portrait Award.

His haunting pieces on metal pull the invisible from the city crowds. In a world obsessed with likes and followers on social media, Small's rough-cut and ragged works offer something real. 

In January 2020 Matt was commissioned by the Football Association to paint portraits of the full England squad and manager for EURO 2020. The portraits were hanging at St George's Park training grounds. The full set, presented by JG Contemporary is due to be shown at Pitzhanger Gallery this November.

Tim Bret-day

Born in London, Tim began his career as a rock photographer but was soon drawn to the world of fashion and began shooting for The Face, Elle, Harpers and Marie Claire, travelling the world extensively. He developed a very distinctive style and was soon working on major campaigns for all the top agencies in London, as well as helping to develop brands such as Agent Provocateur with a unique and often unconventional style of photography.  

Tim Fowler

Tim Fowler's main concern within his work is exploring the colour field. Although vivid, Tim’s works are invariably balanced. Using a signature colour palette of extremely bright and intense hues makes his work distinctly recognisable. Tim's new series, 'Plantation,' a new body of work explores botanical commodities with mesmerisingly vivid colours, which strikingly contrast with their brutal colonial history and the mass wealth accrued through such inhuman practices. 

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