Heidi Pearce (b. 1996, UK) is a London-based artist specialising in soft sculpture and puppetry.

Having graduated from Goldsmiths College in 2019, Pearce has since been developing her ‘Lights on Uncanny’ theory that introduces a new mode of ‘uncanniness’ within contemporary art. Rejecting the concept of ‘darkness’, her sculptures source uncanny power through ambiguity and familiarity; awkwardly looming high above the viewer, these forms suggest an uncomfortable - yet energetic - existence.

Pearce has worked on numerous collaborative projects that have advanced the theoretical development of her own practice, including a joint exhibition at Limbo Collective with Swedish artist Tobias Bradford, Honey, I’m Home?! (2018), and Tim Spooner’s solo exhibition Cuteness Forensics at Battersea Arts Centre (2018). Selected exhibitions include: Limescale, Laurie Grove Baths, London (2019); Antiseptic + Uncle Electric, Laurie Grove Baths, London (2019); Messy Bodies, Five Bells, London (2018); Domestic B*tch, 21 Egmont street, London (2017); Yes Master, St James Hatcham Building, London (2017).

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