Contemporary pop artist Choi Nari has collaborated with Kpop artists Ohnim, Yooyeon and Henry Lau on a new series of works which blend each artist’s unique style with Nari’s playful and vibrant signature practice.

The complementary juxtapose is particularly evident in  Ohnim’s “no way out, but..” his dark emotions are warmly enveloped by Nari’s playful strokes of happiness overseen by her trademark characters Mato and Mayo. Choi Nari (b.1983) is a contemporary pop art artist who lives and works in Seoul, South Korea. Her artworks consist of intense colours, imposing bold black lines, and two prominent leading characters called Mato and Mayo. Her distinctive style and motifs metaphorically depict the human mind and curiosity about others, sometimes revealing desire. Recently, her works have symbolically represented diverse experiences in this world, and ask viewers to question their attitude towards life. As Nari states, “I hope that my work would be a pleasurable journey to find various desires in human lives.”

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