Limited Editions and Collectibles from BRICKLIVE

These two ranges, introduced by Bricklive in 2021, are aimed at collectors, enthusiasts and indeed any one looking for something unique and customized. Either for memorable gifts or as signature statues in the home or work place. The Collectibles are designed and hand made in Bricklive’s UK studio by one or more of our skilled master builders and can be customized with names and or dates to honour someone or a unique event.

The Limited Editions are unique custom designed and built models, all hand crafted at Bricklive’s UK studio and made to order with a limit on the number which will ever be built. The first two limited editions are the QE II Jubilee Bust,  to commemorate Queen Elizabeth’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022, and a bust of Winston Churchill.

Some of the larger models available in the range are unique with only one having been built by our builders.

The models from both ranges are autographed and dated by the master builder and come with a unique certificate to recognize the unique creation and it’s limited number.  The models are robust and utilize hundreds of model bricks, glued together one by one as the characters take shape.

Please take some time to browse through the unique characters and models available to purchase through our website or in our pop-up stores (coming soon). With the QE II Jubilee and Churchill busts limited to 25 editions, don’t miss out.

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