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Fara Thomas

Artist Featured: Fara Thomas (USA)

Iranian American artist Fara Thomas, whose main interests are colour, texture, and reflection, invites viewers to explore beauty and challenge boundaries.

Fara Thomas - Blue Lagoon

Colour is the first element to be noticed about her work, being a form of energy that stimulates human perceptual processes and therefore instrumental in conveying emotions. The smooth reflective surfaces and the translucent colour layers invite viewers to travel constantly through the image from one imaginary space to another, opening up a third dimension that enables them to see deeper into the image.

Fara Thomas - Midnight Storm

Created with layers of bold colorful resin, Thomas’s large-scale abstract pieces present an infinite depth that blends the foreground and background seamlessly. They tempt us to slow down and contemplate. They also speak of places undiscovered yet comforting and familiar.

Born and growing up in Iran, Thomas moved to the San Francisco Bay area in late 1970s. She now lives and works in Newport Beach, California and Las Vegas, Nevada. Her works using pigments hand-made from semi-precious stones and organic dyes coated in epoxy resin on wood panels are commissioned and collected internationally.

Fara Thomas - Azure Steps
Fara Thomas - Chromatic Clouds
Fara Thomas - Vivid Colloid

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