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Pedro Sousa Louro

Exhibiting Artist: Pedro Sousa Louro (Portugal)

Original from Portugal, Pedro Sousa Louro has established his career as an artist in London where he graduated with a BA in Fine Art. The artist has had several careers, including TV presenting and modelling for almost 17 years, but has always lived on drawing cubist images. Now a full-time artist, Pedro transfers his soul into his studio.

Pedro Sousa Louro - Stigmatising Elements

Primarily concerned with creating a dialogue with colour and form rather than over-focusing on the subject matter, Pedro portrays feelings, emotions, and perceptions, both consciously and unconsciously, through detailed geometric compositions balanced with lines and shapes.

Pedro Sousa Louro - Rustico 1594
Pedro Sousa Louro - Call me Ben

Numerous materials come into play during his creativity process such as textiles, reclaimed wood objects, old journals and wallpapers, combined with rustic deteriorating metal elements as a result of a technique developed by Pedro himself using oxidising copper powders.

Hugely influenced by his favourite artist Francis Bacon and the Britsh abstract cubist Ben Nickolson, Pedro also find himself inspired by the "neoplasticism" of Mondrian, Robert Rauschenberg, and in some way Picasso.

Pedro Sousa Louro - Reading Through Monday's
Pedro Sousa Louro - Kitchen Window 7am

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Pedro Sousa Louro - Interupting Circles

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