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Michelle Harton

Exhibiting Artist: Michelle Harton (Ireland)

Michelle Harton (b.1983) is an Irish artist who works mainly in acrylic and water soluble drawing materials. She has studied art at Fermanagh College in Northern Ireland, classical portraiture and figure painting and drawing at the private art school and international arts colony Studio Escalier in France and plein air painting with David Mynett in Majorca along with many years of self experimentation.

Michelle Harton - Evening Greens Ruby Night

One of the collections Michelle will be exhibiting at START is her exploration into dual sided landscapes which she calls her "Day & Night" paintings. They can be hung in two directions allowing one painting to become two. Sometimes they are landscapes from a lucid dreamworld, a place of meditation to connect you to a mystical space to wonder and breath. Others are a contemporary colourful take on the rolling hills and bucolic scenes of her Irish hometown Cavan and other places she’s lived like Vietnam. These are places she never had intended to paint but imbued in her make their presence known during Michelle’s intuitive application of many paint layers.

Michelle Harton - Grace In A Sea Of Confusion
Michelle Harton - Legends Of Land

That which can’t be seen haunts and intrigues her, be it mystical, internal matters or injustices in the world. The idea of control is also present in her more figurative work - who is controlling us, spiritually, politically, emotionally, with her regular conclusion being that many times the only person stifling us is ourselves. This theme of internal mental battles between who we feel we are and what the world around us makes us feeds into much of her work.

These subjects are not handed to viewers on a plate in her paintings, instead she prefers meaning to develop over time for them. Layers of bright colours and childlike imagery are used as an inroad to darker mental thoughts and world affairs.

Development of the paintings for START has been kindly funded by Fingal County Council.

Michelle Harton - Pink Sky, Pink Lake
Michelle Harton - Companion

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